About Me

Hi, I’m Jacq Russell. And like my fiesty, persistent terrier namesake, I’m adorable and a little bit likely to bite.

My life has changed significantly in the last 2 years. I became a parent to an amazing little girl, and right out of maternity leave, got a new job — leaving behind a terrible job I’d been stuck in for years because of immigration rules and the recession. The new job has also meant new friends, and reconnecting with friends I’d lost touch with over the years.

While these changes have been good, they’ve required sharp adjustments and they seem to be catching up with me.

I don’t have time or interest in (or money for) therapy, but I also know I need to process what’s happening because right now, I’m not changing fast enough to keep up with my life.

So, here’s where I’m going to do this.

This blog is a shameless overshare¬†with the hopes that maybe my struggles with adjusting to “better” might resonate with others.